Isobel – Play

Meet Jack and Cordelia, rich and arrogant. Besides a love of gossip and scandal they also share a severe dislike for their fellow student Isobel. Join us as we delve deep into the psyches of the affluent but amoral to discover what lies beneath the mask of privilege. Isobel is a darkly humorous satire set amongst the scheming spires of Oxford University.


My first play to be staged (asides a few dodgy sketches I wrote at school). Inspired by Agatha Christie and Inspector Morse this was my chance to indulge in the macabre. It played in October 2012 at the Burton Taylor Studio of the Oxford Playhouse. It also got a great preview and review from the Cherwell and a not-so-good review from the Oxford Student!

“Walking home from this late-night show, I caught myself looking anxiously back, scared of my own shadow. Then I knew that Isobel had done a great job. A literary game turned deadly serious, the play manages to catch you off-guard and give you the chills.” Ani Kodzhabasheva, Cherwell.

Isobel punches above its weight, and is exactly what new writing should be – small and perfectly formed, grounded in a fa­miliar setting with a dark undertone and a clever plot…Highly recommended.” Angus Hawkins, Cherwell.


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