The Last Tutorial – Play

Step aside Inspector Morse, there’s a new detective in town, and her name is Esther Jones. Esther is convinced that her eccentric tutor didn’t kill himself but was murdered and she’s willing to ruffle a few feathers to prove it. Join Esther as she interrogates the stereotypes of Oxford, exercises some serious creative licence, and uncovers a twist or two.


Performed at the Burton Taylor Studio in February 2013 The Last Tutorial introduced my first fictional detective – psychology student Esther Jones. An homage to Miss Marple, a parody of Inspector Morse, with lots of fun-poking at Oxford University. She was joined by her sceptical sidekick Stu who, despite questioning Esther’s impromptu method, always join in for the ride. An ace review from the Oxford Student and another from the Cherwell.

“…a fantastic parody – using stereotypes and stock plot devices to an unbelievable extent. It knows this and exploits it, with witty lines from writer Robert Holtom mocking Oxford and the murder mystery genre and over the top characters that (sadly) we all recognise.” James Gandhi, Cherwell.


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