Universally Speaking – Play

Welcome onboard the year 2015. There are no emergency exits. It’s dark, disturbing but often very funny. Please sit back and try to relax as four new playwrights guide you through the trials and turbulences of the 21st century.

I won an Ideas Tap competition in 2014 with my monologue Fat – a short piece about the best types of junkfood, over-eating, sex and prejudice (available in the I Clean For England anthology). Part of the deal was having my monologue performed at the Ideas Tap Festival along with other pieces of new writing. Unfortunately, Ideas Tap closed down in 2015 but I got in touch with Simon Jay who had been asked to direct the pieces and we decided the show must go on. And go on it did! Simon and I produced the show and we bandied together a great group of actors, an ace designer and lots of goodwill (and vital cash) via an indiegogofundraiser. The show was performed at The Bread & Roses Theatre in Clapham from 13th – 17th October.


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