The Wellington Boot Club – Play

Scandal rocks the infamous all-male drinking society, The Wellington Boot Club, when one of their members is found beaten to death after a heavy night’s drinking. Esther Jones, psychology student and amateur detective, is determined to reveal the truth. Red herrings, comic banter and casual misogyny abound as she begins her investigation.


Esther Jones’ second outing as an aspiring sleuth saw her tackle elitism and sexism at Oxford University. Think Skins meets The Riot Club by way of Miss Marple. Performed at the Burton Taylor Studio in October 2014.

“The premise is an engaging and clever one – yes, why doesn’t Lewis ever feature cheesy chips? – and the aim to discuss rape culture and privilege in this form is laudable, with no one better placed to discuss it than an Oxford student drama group…There was some fine acting from the cast; Olly Jackson and Jack Sutton put in sterling performances as the horrendous Wellington Boot Club members, and Catherine Piner was glorious as Marchella Dervish, a beautifully vacuous entz rep…there were some fantastically crafted one liners in the script, beautifully delivered.” Lucy Ayrton, Daily Info


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