The Wellington Boot Club – Play

Scandal rocks the infamous all-male drinking society, The Wellington Boot Club, when one of their members is found beaten to death…


The Girl Who Fell – Short Story

Yggdrasil. Have you heard of Yggdrasil? Have you heard of Yggdrasil, the world tree? They say it is where the condors fly. She is a huge tree, an enormous tree, a vast tree that grows out of our earth, through the clouds and into the sky. She is the place of myth, of legend, of…

Casting Off – Short Story

The end of the world began when the world began, and the world began at eighteen minutes past eight on the twentieth of July, nineteen sixty-nine.

The Last Tutorial – Play

Step aside Inspector Morse, there’s a new detective in town, and her name is Esther Jones. Esther is convinced that her eccentric tutor didn’t kill himself but was murdered…

Isobel – Play

Meet Jack and Cordelia, rich and arrogant. Besides a love of gossip and scandal they also share a severe dislike for their fellow student Isobel.