About My Writing

I am a writer! Click the posts to find out about my writing and to read some of my stories and poems.


Pennies From Heaven – Short Story

In a city not dissimilar to our own, one made of concrete, rock and human bone, one etched with the lines of eroding time, one that etched itself onto human skin, in that city a little girl got lost. A little girl called Esther. The bus had not stopped where she thought it would and…

The Wellington Boot Club – Play

Scandal rocks the infamous all-male drinking society, The Wellington Boot Club, when one of their members is found beaten to death…

The Girl Who Fell – Short Story

Yggdrasil. Have you heard of Yggdrasil? Have you heard of Yggdrasil, the world tree? They say it is where the condors fly. She is a huge tree, an enormous tree, a vast tree that grows out of our earth, through the clouds and into the sky. She is the place of myth, of legend, of…

Casting Off – Short Story

The end of the world began when the world began, and the world began at eighteen minutes past eight on the twentieth of July, nineteen sixty-nine.

The Last Tutorial – Play

Step aside Inspector Morse, there’s a new detective in town, and her name is Esther Jones. Esther is convinced that her eccentric tutor didn’t kill himself but was murdered…

Isobel – Play

Meet Jack and Cordelia, rich and arrogant. Besides a love of gossip and scandal they also share a severe dislike for their fellow student Isobel.